amazing things to do new years

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Amazing Things to do New Years

Truly Amazing Things to do New Years Eve 2015/16
21. Duck and Waffle London
Located on the 40th floor of Heron Tower (Londons second tallest skyscraper) view the fireworks in style from the comfort of your own table while enjoying Duck and Waffles own unique blend of European and British influences while promising a Rock
22. OXO Tower London
Shimmering on the banks of the Thames, go back in time to what New Years celebrations were all about with a Venetian Masquerade blacktie ball at the OXO Tower. Decadent, opulent and above all, mysterious, think beautiful dresses and high drama to get you into the spirit. With a fabulous four course dinner menu available, you certainly wont be disappointed.
23. Comercio Square Lisbon
Comercio Square the biggest square in Portugal will be a favourite place for welcoming New Years Eve 2016. Thousands of revellers pour into the area in time to enjoy the spectacular NYE firework displays at midnight. The square bring to you exceptional views of the river, together with sparkling lights when the fireworks light up the skylines and reflect on the Tagus River water.
24. Sydney Harbour Fireworks Australia
The fireworks display at Sydney Harbour with Sydney Opera House as a backdrop is known all over the world. Why not experience the magic for yourself aerial acrobatics, Aboriginal displays and the Harbour of Light Parade as well as many more events leading up to the spectacular fireworks themselves? Experience the warmth of the Australian sun as you ring in the New Year and start off 2015 on the southern hemisphere.
25. Moon Shadow Malibu CA
Few places in the world scream
26. Time Square New York NY
Times Square is synonymous with New York glamour and intrigue, and now you can be part of the experience by taking a trip to Times Square for the New Years Eve Ball Drop. Watch the ball drop as 2016 becomes official and grab a glass of the balls official champagne, Moet & Chandon. You might even catch a glimpse of yourself on TV Then get ready to cavort into the night as the city of New York begins a whole new year.
27. BrandenBurger Tor Berlin
The imposing BrandenBurger Gate is historic and unique, and one of the best locations in world to say goodbye to one year and hello to a new one. With over 1 million people huddled together to ring in 2016, youll find a whole host of stages, music, bars and plenty of excited people. Get ready to feel connected to all of humanity with the giant public countdown to a new year which will be broadcast around the world.
28. Town Hall Square Copenhagen
Copenhagen is buzzing on New Years Eve, with thousands of revellers out and about the town centre. At 12pm, its traditional for people to gather on the Town Hall Square, at the heart of Copenhagen, to hear the clock tower chime in the New Year. Another popular gathering spot is the bridge across the lakes to N
29. Freedom Monument Riga
The cheeky Balkan, Riga has an air of mischievousness about it, that is only heightened by its superb (albeit slightly creepy) gothic architecture that adorns over 750 buildings down the main boulevards. Regal Riga and the beating heart of Old Town is the perfect place for an aimless wander and to enjoy the incredible fireworks display. Head towards the Freedom Monument and immerse yourself in a carnival of incredible noise and colour.
30. River Cruise Budapest
A stunning city of faded grandeur, enlivened with a spirit of entrepreneurialism, Budapest, is and will forever be the jewel of the Danube. Stroll the riverbanks and soak in the peculiarity of modern architecture, sitting beside elegant opera houses and blocky socialist buildings. Yes, Budapest can be enjoyed and admired by anyone, but for a truly unique experience, why not take a river cruise, watch the fireworks and welcome in the

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