benefits of endives

The bitter taste of the Endive

Benefits of Endives

The bitter taste of the Endive
The bitter taste of the Endive is due to it containing insulin which acts as a diuretic and helps stimulate the appetite. Currently, there is a debate that is underway on the nutritional and health values of insulin.It has been found that consuming endive, celery and carrot extracts help in lowering asthma attacks whilst a mixture of endive, celery and parsley juice is a good blood tonic especially for those with anaemia.

Nutritional Benefits
Endive helps you lose weight
Preparation and serving methods
Healthy bones and teeth
Armantes Endive
Keeps Heart Healthy
Helps Lose Extra Pounds
What is Endive
Helps weight loss
Liver and gall bladder
Medicinal Uses of Endive
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