best geeky things to buy

Batman mask iPhone decal

Best Geeky Things To Buy

The great thing about online shopping is that you can find almost any gadget .
Batman mask iPhone decal
Gotham City fans must head to Etsy to make this important purchase. Its the Batman mask iPhone Decal. If you worship Batman as your hero and use an iPhone, then you must slap this decal on your handset to show the world how much you idolize your hero. The great thing about this Decal is that it fits different kinds of phones and is made with vinyl that is absolutely safe to handle. The only thing is that the decal, once applied onto your iPhone, is not repositionable. It is removable though. So be careful about slapping it on, lest you put it in a manner you dont like. You get no second chances with this decal.

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Batman mask iPhone decal
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