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Youthful Spirit

Forever Young Naturally Exercise

Youthful Spirit

Staying youthful in mind by being creative, acting out of character every so often, and not taking things for granted helps to keep the brain and body acting young, and promotes feelings of well-being, associated in older people with greater longevity. Fresh perspective keeps the mind resilient and adaptable, and encourages positivity, which in turn encourages immunity.

Active in the Office Shoulder rolls
Building Energy Restorative shoulder massage
Working the Body Keep hydrated
Building Energy Seasonal living
Building Energy Backward walking
Exercise Essentials Blocks and bolsters
Build Exercise into Life Ad break squat
Build Exercise into Life Make the most of lunchtime
Facial Exercises Forehead workout
Working the Body Exercise outdoors
Facial Exercises Wide gazing
Maintaining Posture Pilates neutral pelvis
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