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Working the Body Build up slowly

Forever Young Naturally Exercise

Working the Body Build up slowly

Harness the enthusiasm to become superfit when it strikes, but donít launch wholeheartedly into hardcore aerobics sessions right away. If you are new to exercise, it might be better to search out a class specifically designed for older people yoga or aqua fitness is a good place to start and to take things easy, working to a level at which you feel comfortable. You can train to run a marathon or learn to do a headstand, but build up to it slowly.

Breathing Essentials Fill your lungs
Aerobic Workout Jumping rope
Aerobic Workout Take the talk test
Active in the Office Shoulder rolls
Hand and Foot Mobility
Maintaining Posture While you wait
Exercising the Brain Dine on fish
Aerobic Workout Warming up
Working the Body Keep hydrated
Maintaining Posture Imagine a balloon Ö
Exercising the Brain Everyday mental challenges
Exercise Essentials Changing room courage
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