most unique bridges in the world

Golden Gate Bridge USA

Most Unique Bridges In The World

the world's longest,is one of the most modern bridges in Amsterdam.
Golden Gate Bridge USA
Probably one of the most famous bridges in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge has become an icon not only to San Francisco but to the whole of the United States. Designed by engineer Joseph Strauss, it was built to connect San Francisco with Marin County and to cross the strait known as the Golden Gate, giving it it s name. Starting in 1933, it would take thousands of workers, 4 years, and 35 million dollars to complete. When the bridge was completed in 1937, it broke 2 records becoming the world s longest and tallest suspension bridge. It received international recognition, had magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean, defied critics, and was praised for it s Art Deco design and trademark red color. The bridge s records would soon be broken in the future (refer to number 18) but it still keeps its popularity and iconic status to this day.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Australia
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Golden Gate Bridge USA
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Ponte Vecchio
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Econtainer Bridge in Ariel Sharon Park
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