new years makeup ideas

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New Years Makeup Ideas

makeup ideas for Sophisticated look at your New Year's Eve celebration.
11. Repurposed Plastic Spoon
Use a plastic spoon to easily apply mascara on your bottom lashes without getting any on the skin under your eyes. It also helps you to accomplish a much thicker coat.
12. Blush For Your Face Type
In order to apply blush where it will be most flattering on you, first determine your face shape. Blush not only adds color, but also contours and defines your cheek bones. The way you apply your blush can accentuate your best features and also soften those that are perhaps too prominent.
13. Scotch Tape Eye Stencil
This unconventional beauty aid will help guide you when applying eye liner and shadows, especially if youre going for a more daring look such as the cat eye. It will also help you achieve an even and balanced look for both eyes.
14. Eye Highlights
The placement of highlights is very important when trying to create naturally beautiful eye makeup. Your lighter colors whites, creams, and pearls should be applied in the inner corners, the middle of the eye, and just under your brow bone. Apply your lightest colors first, and then move on to your darker shades.
15. How To Fix Clumpy Mascara
Lets face it, this happens to every tube of mascara over time. The problem is it dries out and then starts to form unattractive lumps. To help prevent this, dont pump your mascara trying to get more on your wand; youre basically pumping air into the tube causing it to dry out even faster.Although mascara should be replaced every 3 to 4 months, I use to replace mine much sooner just because it dries out so fast and creates undesirable results. But, theres an easy fix for that. Add a drop or two of Visine or any brand of eye drops into the tube, and then rub the wand around inside. The Visine softens the mascara liquid, making it apply as if it were a brand new tube.
16. Lipstick Ready
Use a baby toothbrush to exfoliate your lips. To really get the job done, you can make a homemade lip exfoliate with sugar and coconut oil, or easier but not as effective, cover your lips in lip balm or petroleum jelly before scrubbing.
17. Make The Best Of Your Eye Shape
As important as your color choices are, the placement of your shadows and liners is just as critical; you can create just about any illusion that you want. With careful placement, you can make your eyes appear wider, closer set, more prominent, deeper set, etc. Determine what shape of eyes you have, and then accentuate them accordingly.
18. Make Eyes Appear Bigger
If you dont already own a white pencil, invest in one now just for this simple trick. Instead of lining your water line with dark eyeliner, use a white pencil to create the illusion of a bigger eye. If you squint your eyes a little at this picture comparison, youll see what a difference it really makes.
19. Tightlining
What is tightlining? Its a way of applying your liner right in between your lashes. This is a great way to appear as though youre not wearing any makeup at all, yet adding a little bit of color and definition to your eyes, and making the base of your lashes appear thicker.
20. Make Eyeshadows Pop
Have you ever purchased a vibrant color of shadow that once applied appears rather dull? The key to making those colors pop is a white base. Use a white eyeliner and cover your entire lid before applying the color of your choice.

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