Valentines Day Dessert Recipes
The Valentine's Day dessert recipes perfect for your loved ones.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Stewed strawberries
Strawberries are probably one of the only fruits I actually like cooked stewed. Im not a huge fan of cooked fruits; which is probably why you may never find an apple pie or a poached pear on Foodomania. I did try an apple upside down cake once. But that is the extent of my experiments with cooking fruits. Fruits, I believe, should be consumed in their natural form.

However, one thing I love is a cup of stewed strawberries served along with whipped cream. The flavor of strawberries intensifies as you cook em and you can never have enough of strawberries in your life. ; And another reason why I love stewed strawberries so much is because with so little effort, you get a fancy dish that you can use to make other fancy desserts. Over the next 2 weeks, Im going to show you a plethora of options that you can try with this delicious stewed strawberries.

Strawberry marshmallow pudding
Milk cheese cupcakes
Banana cake with peanut butter frosting
Butter saltine toffee
Sizzling chocolate brownies
Fudgemallow cookies
Nutella milkshake
Funfetti cupcakes

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